49 Nassim


The epitome of class at your doorstep

Standing at the heart of exclusivity, 49 Nassim is an unparalleled opportunity to reside in Singapore’s most desirable district. Home to many embassies and Good Class Bungalows, and being the most expensive amongst similar precincts, Nassim Road is the symbol of inimitable richness in peace and solitude.

Merely 10 minutes away from your doorstep, you’ll be embraced by a verdant garden of tranquillity, an extension of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. With the UNESCO World Heritage Site just a stone’s throw away, your access to nature at its most expansive is simply sublime.

Let 49 Nassim enfold you in a lifestyle that many others could only dream of.


A balance for harmony

Originated from an award-winning design inspiration, 49 Nassim weaves together a balance of synergy to perfectly conceptualise a distinctive experience within its well-appointed spaces, offering its residents a purposeful life beyond wellness and harmony.


The grandeur of its Italian design is a nod to the Modern West while its Eastern details accentuate the essence of Singapore’s gracious past. Sleek symmetry is complemented by an organic flow of nature, carefully balancing the ideals of contemporary luxury living in an estate. Design elements are pieced together, working both independently and in unison to conjure up a rhythmic impression mimicking a harmonious musical score.


And this, is where your senses are heightened yet at the same time, restful and calm.


Exclusivity has never been so private

The 49 Nassim collection of five-bedroom duplexes is an archetype of the ultra-luxurious, with only four units in its fold. Each duplex resonates the values of bespoke craftsmanship and creativity, that speak strong aspirational characteristics.


These duplexes, starting from 7,381 sq. ft, are ready for immediate occupancy. Delightedly, 49 Nassim invites you to experience an extraordinary life amongst the finest of Singapore’s mansions at once. A rare collection worthy of its address and destined for luxury, this is what sets living at 49 Nassim apart from the ordinary.


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